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01 / April / 2015Website renewal
27 / August / 2013New UV Chip C395-35
UV Chip C395-35
21 / August / 2013New Super Beam type LED FL850D-03-50
07 / May / 2013SMB "-02" Series shall be discontinued in 2013
SMB "-02" Series shall be discontinued in 2013 because of epoxy resin type.
Another series such "-04" and "-05" type should be moved to SMBB series after preparing tooling.
Please apply to SMBB "-02" Series
13 / June / 2012New silicone Lens Type High Power Top LED SMBB 490nm
08 / June / 2012365nm Horizontal Type UV LED SMZ Package, 375nm Vertical Type LED SMZ Package.
365nm Horizontal Type LED IF=350mA Po=50mW SMZ365H-1100
375nm Vertical Type LED IF=350mA Po=290mW SMZ375V-1100
18 / August / 2009Agriculture and Food Fields: For Plant Growth and Photo synthetically Active Radiation(PAR).
This is designed for the highest Po and dampproof.
On forward bias it emits a band of visible light, which peaks 660nm.
30 / April / 2009SMT with PLCC4 package
We can supply high performance TOP LEDs with PLCC4 package, the same as PLCC2 that is in product now.
For example, SMTQ870 consists of an AlGaAs LED mounted on the lead frame as TOP LED with PLCC4 package.
It has 40mW typical of output power, 40mW/sr of radiant intensity and spectral band of radiation at 870nm.
28 / April / 2009Copper Lead Frame Thru Hole Type LED with Low Thermal Resistance
This series is assembled on Cu made Lead Frame for improvement of the thermal resistance.
It is characterized by low thermal resistance 140~165[K/W] compare with conventional lead frame LEDs 230[K/W].
Furthermore, L850D-04-50L6CU contains a large size chip and is able to emit 1800mW/sr typical at pulsed current 2A.
L850D-06-50L6CU is able to emit 8000mW/sr typical at pulsed current 2A.
24 / April / 2009SMB series with Cu Base plate emits 600mW radiated power at 1A current
This series assembled on Cu made PCB with connectors for easy operation.
Its thermal resistance is around 10K/W and is worked at IF=1A.
SMB850D-1100-05-1723 has lens for 2?? 1/2=66?? and radiated power and radient intensity are 600mW and 380mW/sr at IF=1A, respectively.
04 / March / 2009SMT IR LED adequate for Strobe Flash Light
This series is composed large size chips on TOPLED and is adequate for strobe flash light.
SMTT850D-2*50 contains the heat sink and this is able to emit 800mW/sr light operating at pulsed current 4A.
SMT850D-50-27 has focusing lens for 2?? 1/2=56?? and radiant intensity is 1000mW/sr typical at pulsed current 2A.
25 / February / 2009SMT Package with Lens-21
SMT with Lens-21(part number SMTxxx-21) is consisted by sophisticated lens to achieve +/-5 deg. of viewing angle.
It has a high radiant intensity and narrow viewing angle.
For example, SMT850D-21 has 130mW/sr and +/-5 deg. typical at 50mA.
21 / January / 2009High Power Top LED with oval Lens for driver drowsiness alarm systems
SMB series is TOP LED for high power use and contains an 1.0mm square chip on heat sink. It is suitable for applications such as driver drowsiness alarm system.
14 / January / 2009High Power UV Ceramic Package with Lens for ?}10?? Viewing Half Angle and Heat Sink
SMCC series is 4.2mm x 4.2mm profile ceramic package that contains a 1.0mm square chip on a copper heat sink and is covered with silicone resin lense.
375nm series is 35mW/sr typical of Radiant Intensity and ?}10?? of viewing half angle driving at 200mA DC for long life.
395nm series is 100mW/sr typical of Radiant Intensity and ?}10?? of viewing half angle driving at 200mA DC for long life.
10 / December / 2008High Power Top LED with Lens for Various Viewing Angle (5x5 mm Profile)
SMB series is TOP LED for high power use and contains an 1.0mm square chip on heat sink. It consists of a few chips with 5050 package and with lens for various veiwng angles.
20 / October / 2008ETC & LPR High Intensity Radiation LED
L850D-06-50 is designed for ETC, LPRS uses to illuminating narrow viewing angle and high beam such 10┬░and 400mW/sr as 5mm through hole type LED. It is available up to IFP=2A at duty=1% and duration =10us.
07 / June / 2007High Power Top LED with Lens
L940-1100-01 is an GaAs LED mounted on copper heat sink and molded with epoxy lens. On forward bias, it emits a band of radiation which peaks 940nm.These devices are able to be operated at pulsed current of 4A under 2.6V for stable long life.